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How can cities and citizens measure and improve health?

Urbinsight is a global initiative connecting neighborhoods on-the-ground with web-based crowd-mapping tools designed to explore, measure and act upon holistic urban health data from a citizen’s perspective.

  • Participatory Mapping

Urbinsight’s participatory mapping and planning processes provides engaged cities and citizens with the necessary tools and technology to affect the resiliency and sustainability of their cities and settlements in a positive way.

  • The Ecocompass Educational Companion

The Ecocompass trains municipalities, schools and community groups on participatory research methods, real-time geodata collection and information networks.

  • The Platform

The Platform weaves together municipal open datasets with bottom-up datasets revealing opportunities based on ecocity indicators at the levels of individual, household, neighborhood, and city.


Cairo, Egypt


Lima, Peru

Image 5-10-17 at 1.13 PM

Casablanca, Morocco


Medellín, Colombia

Urbinsight Demo Medellin 02

Cusco, Peru


Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic